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Fall 1996

Fall 1996 (Vol. IV No. 2)

Table of Contents


  1. Revisiting Reform: Women and the Ottoman Law of Family Rights, 1917
    by Judith E. Tucker
  2. Creating the Modern Professional Housewife: Scientifically Based Advice Extended to Middle- and Upper-Class Egyptian Women, 1920s-1930s
    by Rebecca Joubin
  3. Egyptian Women and Science Question: Gender in the Making of Colonized Medicine, 1893-1919
    by Hibba Abugideiri
  4. Shahada and Haganah: Politicizing Masculinities in Early Palestinian and Jewish Nationalisms
    by Sheila H. Katz
  5. Engendering Resistance in the Work of Ghassan Kanafani: All That’s Left to You, Of Men and Guns, and Umm Sa’d
    by Nancy Coffin
  6. The Politics of Space in Urban Cairo: Informal Communities and the State
    by Salwa Ismail
  7. Jerusalem and the Broken Middle: Reflections on Jews and Palestinians after Oslo
    by Marc Ellis

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