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Spring 2014

Spring 2014 (Vol. XXII No. 1)

From The Editors:

In “Cultures of Resistance in Palestine and Beyond: The Politics of Art, Aesthetics, and Affect,” Sophie Richter-Devroe and Ruba Salih introduce the imperatives, questions, and ideas that inspired the special issue we are featuring here. Encompassing a broad array of approaches, methodologies, and perspectives, Rania Jawad, Adila L... [read more]

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Cultures of Resistance

Theme Articles

  1. Cultures of Resistance in Palestine and Beyond: On the Politics of Art, Aesthetics, and Affect
    by Special Issue Editors Sophie Richter-Devroe and Rubah Salih
  2. "Aren't We Human?" Normalizing Palestinian Performances
    by Rania Jawad
  3. Grievability as Political Claim Making: The 100 Shaheed-100 Lives Exhibition
    by Adila Laïdi-Hanieh
  4. “My Struggle Embraces Every Struggle”: Palestinians in Israel and Solidarity with Afro-Asian Liberation Movements
    by Maha Nassar
  5. Intifada 3.0? Cyber Colonialism and Palestinian Resistance
    by Helga Tawil-Souri and Miriyam Aouragh
  6. Jerusalem’s Separation Wall and Global Message Board: Graffiti, Murals, and the Art of Sumud
    by Craig Larkin
  7. The “Hidden Transcript” of Resistance in Moroccan Tazmamart Prison Writings
    by Brahim El Guabli


  1. Delusion, Art, and Urban Desires in Palestine Today: An Interview with Yazid Anani
    by Hanan Toukan


  1. Debating Lebanon’s Power-Sharing Model: An Opportunity or an Impasse for Democratization Studies in the Middle East?
    by Tamirace Fakhoury

Book Reviews

  1. Imagined Empires: A History of Revolt in Egypt
    by Zeinab Abul-Magd
    reviewed by Zoe Griffith
  2. The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan
    by Tariq Moraiwed Tell
    reviewed by Ziad Abu-Rish
  3. Land of Progress: Palestine in the Age of Colonial Development, 1905–1948
    by Jacob Norris
    reviewed by Fredrik Meiton
  4. Colonial Copyright: Intellectual Property in Mandate Palestine
    by Michael D. Birnhack
    reviewed by Andrea L. Stanton
  5. Damascus: Ottoman Modernity and Urban Transformation, 1808–1918, Vols. 1 and 2
    by Stefan Weber
    reviewed by Benjamin Thomas White
  6. And Then We Work for God: Rural Sunni Islam in Western Turkey
    by Kimberly Hart
    reviewed by Timur Hammond
  7. Technology and National Identity in Turkey: Mobile Communications and the Evolution of a Post-Ottoman Nation
    by Burçe Çelik
    reviewed by Elizabeth Angell
  8. Refractions of Civil Society in Turkey
    by Daniella Kuzmanovic
    reviewed by Josh Carney
  9. Shiism and Politics in the Middle East
    by Laurence Louër
    reviewed by John King
  10. Nasser’s Gamble: How Intervention in Yemen Caused the Six-Day War and the Decline of Egyptian Power
    by Jesse Ferris
    reviewed by Asher Orkaby
  11. Popular Culture in the Middle East and North Africa: A Postcolonial Outlook
    by Walid El Hamamsy and Mounira Soliman (Editors)
    reviewed by Yasmine Ramadan
  12. A Most Masculine State: Gender, Politics, and Religion in Saudi Arabia
    by Madawi Al-Rasheed
    reviewed by Mona Kareem
  13. Imagined Museums: Art and Modernity in Postcolonial Morocco
    by Katarzyna Pieprzak
    reviewed by Dina A. Ramadan

Review Essays

  1. The Contemporary Syrian Novel in Translation
    by Anne-Marie McManus
  2. Shrines in the Early Modern Middle East
    by Guy Burak
  3. Analyzing Authoritarianism in an Age of Uprisings
    by Arang Keshavarzian

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