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Fall 2016

Fall 2016 (Vol. XXIV No. 2)

From The Editors:

A wedding party walks the shattered streets of Aleppo. A flash mob dances in a public square in occupied Ramallah. These scenes inspire the imagina-tions of millions as they travel through social media. They are shocking and comforting at once. The Arab world we are accustomed to seeing is one of accum... [read more]

Table of Contents


  1. Minority Identities Before and After Iraq: The Making of the Modern Assyrian and Chaldean Appellations
    by Yasmeen Hanoosh
  2. Thus the Sadness of the Heron: Interpreting Aslan’s Imbaba
    by Hazem Ziada
  3. Overthrowing the Shaykhs: The Trucial States at the Intersection of Anti-Imperialism, Arab Nationalism, and Politics, 1952-1966
    by Kristi N. Barnwell

Special Section: Love in the Arab World

  1. The Trouble of Love in the Arab World: Romance, Marriage, and the Shaping of Intimate Lives
    by Corinne Fortier, Aymon Kreill, and Irene Maffi
  2. A Different Kind of Love: Compatibility (Insijam) and Marriage in Jordan
    by Fida Adely
  3. The Price of Love: Valentine’s Day in Egypt and Its Enemies
    by Aymon Kreil
  4. The Politics of Love and Desire in Post-Uprising Syrian Television Drama
    by Rebecca Joubin

Book Reviews

  1. Of Sand or Soil: Genealogy and Tribal Belonging in Saudi Arabia
    by Nadav Samin
    reviewed by Rosie Bsheer
  2. Reading Darwin in Arabic, 1860–1950
    by Marwa Elshakry
    reviewed by Hilary Falb Kalisman
  3. A History of Modern Oman
    by Jeremy Jones and Nicholas Ridout
    reviewed by Guillemette Crouzet
  4. The Wages of Oil: Parliaments and Economic Development in Kuwait and the UAE
    by Michael Herb
    reviewed by Jocelyn Sage Mitchell
  5. The Conflict Shoreline: Colonization as Climate Change in the Negev Desert
    by Eyal Weizman and Fazal Sheikh
    reviewed by Kareem Rabie
  6. Palestine and the Decline of the Ottoman Empire: Modernisation and the Path to Palestinian Statehood
    by Farid Al-Salim
    reviewed by Erik Freas

Review Essay

  1. The British Invasion and Occupation of Ottoman Iraq
    by Dale Stahl

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