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Spring 2007

Spring 2007 (Vol. XV No. 1)

Table of Contents


  1. Rethinking Ottoman Frontier Policies: Marriage and Citizenship in the Province of Iraq
    by Karen M. Kern
  2. Pious Stardom: Cinema and the Islamic Revival in Egypt
    by Karim Tartoussieh
  3. Re-Remembering the Dead: A Genealogy of a Martyrs Memorial in South Lebanon
    by Lucia Volk
  4. Palestine on Display: The Palestinian Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition of 1924
    by Nicholas E. Roberts

Book Reviews

  1. One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse
    by Ali Abunimeh
    reviewed by Issa Mikel
  2. Academic Freedom After September 11
    Edited by Beshara Doumani
    reviewed by Marwan Daoud Hanania
  3. Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews, 1430-1950
    by Mark Mazower
    reviewed by Isa Blumi
  4. Reading Iraq: Culture and Power in Conflict
    by Muhsin al-Musawi
    reviewed by Ferial J. Ghazoul
  5. Nights of Musk: Stories from Old Nubia
    by Haggag Hassan Oddoul
    reviewed by Noha Radwan
  6. 7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the War on Terror
    by Milan Rai
    reviewed by Zachary Wales
  7. Among the Jasmine Trees: Music and Modernity in Syria
    by Jonathan H. Shannon
    reviewed by Patricia Kubala
  8. Transitions in Consumption and Domestic Family Life in the Modern Middle East: Houses in Motion
    Edited by Relli Shechter
    reviewed by Z. Pamela Karimi
  9. Mubarak al-Sabah: Founder of Modern Kuwait, 1896-1915
    by B. J. Slot
    reviewed by Peter C. Valenti
  10. Against the Wall: Israel's Barrier to Peace
    Edited by Michael Sorkin
    reviewed by Gabriel Ash
  11. A Modern History of Lebanon
    Edited by Fawwaz Traboulsi
    reviewed by Sune Haugbolle

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